2012 Upcoming Events


Electrovocal Performance - Compositional experiments in voice and electronics
WHEN: March 21 6-7pm
WHERE: The Glasshouse, QUT Creative Industries Precinct Brisbane

Donna Hewitt has been creating works for voice and technology for the past 15 years, starting out with fixed media works for processed voice and developing her practice into cross media and real time performance contexts. In this seminar, she will present an overview of her eMic projects. The eMic (Extended Mic stand Interface Controller) is a sensor based gestural controller for vocal performance and live electronics that has attracted significant attention internationally. It provides the vocal performer with a responsive interface in which they can control digital audio processing parameters in performance. Donna will talk about her compositional approaches for new performance interfaces and the challenges in creating work for the electronically extended voice.

Donna Hewitt is a vocalist, electronic music composer and instrument designer. She has attracted significant international attention for her performance and design work with new vocal interfaces. Her primary interest in recent years has been investigating new ways of interfacing the voice with electronic media. She is the inventor of the eMic, a sensor enhanced microphone stand for electronic music performance. The eMic brings together her work as a vocal performer with her compositional work using microphone-captured audio. Much of Donna’s composition work involves re-processing audio via various digital processes to produce complex textures. Donna’s work has attracted funding from the Australian council for the Arts, most recently her collaboration in 2010 with dance artist Avril Huddy to develop the work ‘Idol’ for eMic and dancers. In 2010 Donna was also awarded funding to undertake residency with Julian Knowles at STEIM (Amsterdam) – an internationally renowned center for research and development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Donna has performed in nationally and internationally. Performance highlights include Brisbane Festival’s Under the Radar Program ‘Macrophonics’, SEAM2011 (Sydney), Understanding Visual Music 2011 (Canada), ICMC (USA, Ireland, UK), Liquid Architecture (LA7) and The Great Escape Festival, Sydney (2006, 2007), disorientation, sound-no-sound, and 1/4 Inch experimental series. She is a Lecturer in Music and Sound at QUT in Brisbane.

The Beauty and the Geeks: art and technology intersect in Istanbul

WHERE: The Glasshouse, QUT Creative Industries Precinct Brisbane
WHEN: April 18th 6-7pm
Di Ball is a multidisciplinary artist with past lives including architect, cuntry and western singer and human statue. She spends her time juggling her Balls as she navigates the BallPark: her life as a theme park. This park includes iBall, Krystal Ball, Meet Ball and Disco Ball with various subpersona exsisting in both IRL (in real life) and URL (unreal life) .
The BallPark straddles fact and fiction, medium and media and  challenges notions of the cult of celebrity whilst remaining an examination of “self”. 
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MuTec Underground series

EXHIBITION : SoundAffects
Work will be exhibited/performed/presented at Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane on Friday 27th April.

SoundAffects intends to bring together a plurality of approaches that engage with sound as both mediated and unmediated experience. The event/performance/exhibition primarily addresses what sound is when it presents itself as sonic art. In order to push the boundary of interdisciplinary sound studies into new areas, we encourage contributions from all approaches and disciplines. Click here for more details.

SYMPOSIUM Excess of Sound 
WHERE: The Glasshouse, QUT Creative Industries Precinct Brisbane
WHEN: 19th May 9.30-1.00
Excess of Sound intends to bring together a plurality of approaches that engage with sound as both mediated and unmediated experience. The symposium primarily addresses what sound is when it presents itself as sonic art. In order to push the boundary of interdisciplinary sound studies into new areas, we encourage contributions from all approaches and disciplines. Excess of Sound is responding to the increasing global interest in sound studies and sonic art.

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(Date to be confirmed) GAIL PRIEST PRESENTS 
Writing about sound ...
WHERE: The Glasshouse, QUT Creative Industries Precinct Brisbane
WHEN: June 20th 6-7pm

're-sounding image, in practice'
WHERE: The Glasshouse, QUT Creative Industries Precinct Brisbane
WHEN:  6-7pm

How does the conspiratorial relationship between sound and image reinforce audience expectation of a music/sound experience? 
Susan will discuss processes involving the creation of recent work, and preparations for new work; issues around making music and sound for visual projects (film, video, dance, installation), 
and the ongoing (and unrelenting) cycle of creative practice.

... and then ...


WHERE:  Basil Jones Orchestra Hall Queensland Conservatorium of Music Brisbane South Bank, Brisbane
WHEN: 7.30 pm

Susan Hawkins is a composer and sound artist currently based in Australia, specialising in music for film and contemporary dance.
Susan has international experience as composer collaborating in contemporary dance, animation, theatre, and sculptural sound installation – with highlights including performances at Tate Britain (UK) and the San Francisco International Arts Festival (USA). She has been artist in residence with CESTA (for the 11th Arts Festival of International, Interdisciplinary Collaborations, Czech Republic) and the Bundanon Trust (Australia), has participated in the International Course for Professional Composers and Choreographers (UK). She's also dabbled in radio, having created a feature documentary for Encounter for ABC Radio National (Australia).
In 2011 Susan released her second EP, LIGHT FROM BELOW, receiving extensive radio play on the ABC network (Radio National, Triple J, and ABC Classic FM), and community radio (through the AIRIT program). In 2012 Susan is working with Brisbane choreographer Gareth Belling, and Collusion Musical Arts on a number of cross-disciplinary projects and exploring the interaction of new sound with silent film.

15min presentations by sound artists  !!!

WHERE: The Glasshouse, QUT Creative Industries Precinct Brisbane
WHEN: October 17th 6-7pm


Our final public program of the year includes four dynamic sound and digital artists - Heidi Millington, Antonia Zappia, Amber Hansen and Michelle Xen. They will present some of t
heir work and discuss their creative practice.

Speaker bios

Michelle Xen is an Australian visual/sound artist, musician, and performer. Her practice synthesizes elements of colour, dynamic, timbre, volume, and field to create emotional and visceral installations, videos, songs and sound works. Through this practice, the persona of the female pop musician is dismantled and reconstructed through the histories of experimental art performance, pop music, and art installation practices. Her practice forms relationships between contemporary art practice, pop music and contemporary performance creating a generative questioning of how we assimilate and balance cultural outputs. Xen has collaborated extensively across creative disciplines and toured internationally as a DJ and vocalist/producer.

Heidi Millington (Rose Carrousel) is a musician and an environmental scientist. She mixes whimsical vocals and unguarded stories with acoustic instruments and shimmery, glitchy electronica to make hand-made, beautiful folktronica and lo-fi electro. She has performed and released internationally and been highly commended in the Queensland Song of the Year (2012). Merging art and science, she is developing a light-sensitive "Nature Synth" for investigating how people engage with voice and the sounds of nature.

Antonia Zappia is a contemporary composer and sound engineer based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her creative practice encompasses classical, contemporary classical, popular music and sound art. In developing her compositional voice, Antonia spent three years collaborating with contemporary dancers, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists. In 2011, she was one of the classical finalists in the APRA Professional Development Awards and completed an Honours degree in Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Her dissertation, entitled Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Effective Traits of a Creative Partnership, was informed by research of 20th century and current creative partnerships.

Amber Hansen is a multidisciplinary composer, producer, performer, researcher and teacher. Her creative practice embodies and expresses her experiences and perceptions as a woman of mixed cultural ancestry, influenced and inspired by the multicultural, urban, indigenous and natural landscapes that she was raised in, has travelled to and that surround her. The diverse cultural, social, political, spiritual and creative facets of her past and present inform and influence her practice, realised by utilising diverse artistic mediums such as electro-acoustic composition; traditional, contemporary and oriental Arabic and Middle Eastern music and dance; live performance art; installation; remixing; film and other visual media.

EVENT: BOXCOPY and GIRRLSOUND presents Michelle Xen
Generous Fields | Objects in the Dark
At BOXCOPY Gallery Sunday 25 November 3pm

This work by Michelle Xen is part of a new series of video, performance and sound, in which sonic-visual fields are created and transformed over time. Using light, video, live vocals and breath, a series of video monochromes evolve over the course of the performance from the movements and sounds in the room.

Michelle Xen is a Brisbane-based installation and video artist and electronic musician. She is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art and was awarded a Masters of Art in Research in interdisciplinary practice at QUT. Michelle's work uses performance video, installation, costume and painting to draw comparisons between the sometimes oppositional worlds of contemporary art practice and pop music. Michelle has exhibited and performed extensively throughout Australia and Japan.

Boxcopy Gallery
Level 1, Watson Brothers Building, 129 Margaret Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Gallery Hours: Wed–Sat 12–6pm | Closed public holidays
W: www.boxcopy.org | E: info@boxcopy.org

2011 Upcoming Events

WHEN: Friday October 21st 2011--5.30-7.00 An evening of short digital and sound presentations and discussion of upcoming projects/opportunities for women. In particular the discussion will centre round notions of articulating digital and sonic approaches to making, the hybrid, jamming, visual-sound overlaps, digital/sound aesthetics etc. TICKETS: FREE
GIRRL GIRRLSOUND : DIGITAL GIRRL hosts a one-night-event at Griffith Conservatorium, presenting new work by Brooke Ferguson and Eve Roleston. NEW WORK: Let Down and when Dolphins Cry Brooke will let you down in ways you have never been Let Down before. Eve will channel the sensuous magnificence of the cosmic orgasmic dolphinic journey. It’s, When Dolphins Cry. WHERE: Griffith Conservatorium, South Bank, Brisbane When Friday 28th October 2011 6-7pm TICKETS: free
Brooke Ferguson is a Brisbane based artist. Ferguson completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (in Visual Art) with Honours at the Queensland University of Technology in 2011. Working across different media, recent projects take the form of drawings, installation, sound and collaboration. Her process-based practice reflects a continued interest in simple materials, activities and gestures to generate potential artworks. Marcel Duchamp’s concept of Infra-mince, with its concern for incidental phenomenon and unquantifiable boundaries, provides a model for Ferguson’s approach to media. Brooke has been active in Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiative scene, having exhibited with No Frills*, inbetweenspaces and Boxcopy. She is Metro Arts 2011 Artist in Residence.
Eve Roleston is a Gold Coast based artist whose work explores and links her multifaceted identity with the physical and perceptual world. And relates intimate images to broader social and cultural issues including gender, identity and relationships with dolphins in today’s society. Her artistic language operates at a certain level of symbolic abstraction in order to evoke universal human experiences from specific marine encounters. Eeeeewwwwwssssppphhhhhh!

CONTACT: GIRRL Majena Mafe p: 33531741 e: girrlsound@gmail.com SUPPORTED BY: GIRRL Room 40 QUT Creative Industries Precinct Queensland Conservatorium of Music